Establishing the Apex Series

The heat of the competition.
Tags: Brand, Campaign, Launch, 4D, Social

The Client:

Mercury Racing is a global leader in the marine propulsion industry. They are daring, they are bold, and they have an unmatched drive to be the best. Mercury Racing produces outboards, sterndrives, and propellers that push the boundaries of what is possible. The Apex Series is a line of competition outboards created to dominate the competition. This series represents Mercury Racing’s great return to their racing roots after taking a hiatus from producing competition outboards.

The Ask:

Mercury Racing’s passion for competition is the driving force behind the Apex Series. The Apex Series revolutionized closed-course racing by introducing four-stroke outboards into a world of two-strokes. Mercury Racing required a launch campaign that would educate the audience on the capabilities of four-stroke engine technology while also capturing the pure adrenaline rush of racing.

The Solution:

In order to educate the audience, we first needed to educate ourselves. Our team took a deep dive into the world of closed-course tunnel boat racing to gain a better understanding of the product and our target audience. Two-strokes were the preferred choice due to the thought that they achieved higher speeds than four-strokes, but two-strokes required far more maintenance and also had high emissions. Immediately, we found our focus for the education portion of the campaign; four-strokes are more durable than two-strokes, four-strokes have lower emissions, and four-strokes are just as fast if not faster than two-strokes.

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