360 APX Launch

Return to Outboard Competition
Tags: Creative, Campaign, Launch, Motion, Design

Mercury Racing is the global leader in high performance marine propulsion.

Powered by a passion for innovation, and an unmatched drive to be on top. Mercury Racing had aspirations of returning to the premier class of F1 tunnel boat racing in Europe. The 360 APX was their ticket to get back into the game. Being one of the only four-strokes in its class, the 360 APX offered 90% lower exhaust emissions than the current two-stroke racing engines. It was clear we didn’t return to compete, we returned to win wide open.

Cs 360 Apx 4

Mercury Racing needed a team of creative professionals to turn out an eye-catching product reveal and they knew exactly who to ask. We couldn’t have been more stoked to work on this launch. We were ready to showcase the labor and ingenuity that went into creating this outboard.

Our vision from the start? Minimal. Sleek. Refined. The product needed to speak for itself. Fans of Mercury Racing live to see the products in action, but the content for this launch needed to be tailored to Formula 1 Racers. These racers are bold and fearless, but most importantly, they’re experts. Racers already know that the 360 APX is fast, so the focus needed to be on the elements of design and innovation that made the 360 APX the superior outboard. We worked with 2D and 4D motion to bring our ideas to life and we couldn’t be more stoked about the results.

Throughout the launch, we integrated with the team at Mercury Racing to share ideas and collect assets for the launch. We gave them the peace of mind that this launch would exceed their expectations and be something that clearly represented the brand.